BuzzFeed 23 Things You Do On Twitter, Explained

Sliding into your DMs like HEY I LIKE YOU.

  1. DM-ing a new acquaintance = Hey, I'm sexually attracted to you and we should talk where our followers can't see us.
    1. Unfollowing and re-following someone = HI WHY AREN'T YOU FOLLOWING ME BACK YET?

    2. Manual retweeting = I think this is funny, but I think my own commentary will make it even funnier.

    3. Retweeting a crush = This is the highest form of flattery. HI LET'S TALK.

    4. Retweeting a tweet about you = Look! I have friends and people like me!

    5. Favoriting a crush's tweet = I'm being subtle and flirting with you.

    6. Favoriting a tweet when no one else has = I've got your back and you better come in with the save for me in the future.


    8. Adding a period before someone's twitter handle = I added the period so everyone can see this funny thing I said without it going to the black hole of mentions.

    9. Subtweeting = You literally just did this, you know it's you, and I know you follow me and will see this. So basically, hi. middle finger

    10. Tweeting right after your crush tweets = OMG WE'RE BOTH ONLINE. TEXT ME.

    11. Sharing the screen shot of a text message = Hey, I'm really funny to talk to.

    12. Sharing an Instagram = Follow me on Instagram aka the best of me.

    13. Tweeting what music you're listening to = Not only am I funny, I also have good taste in music.

  2. Adding someone to a Twitter list = I am so GOD DAMN popular I need to organize you plebeians.

    1. Changing your avatar = Hey who's that hot person on my Twitter feed? OH THAT'S JUST ME KILLIN' IT AND MAKING YOU NOTICE ME.

    2. Hashtags = I'm probably using these ironically.

    3. Using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite = My online life is so bumping that I need multiple applications to keep track of it.

    4. Replying to a crush's tweet = Your tweet was kinda mediocre, but I want to talk to you.

    5. Pinning a tweet = This is the best thing I've said all week, so let's just highlight it for a bit.

    6. #teamfollowback = I'll follow you back but unfollow you shortly after.

    7. Muting people = I can't unfollow you because I see you regularly, but I really don't care what you have to say.

    8. Tweeting about something you don't actually know anything about – Hi, I'm not really watching the State of The Union but everyone else is so I retweeted this meme to pretend.

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