BuzzFeed This One-Man Cover Of “Uptown Funk” Is Mighty Impressive

Hot damn.

<h1>Singer L Young has created a rather wonderful cover version of Mark Ronson's hit single "Uptown Funk":</h1>

      <a href=""></a>

The American takes on Bruno Mars' vocals as well as the instrumentals in the clip.

A version uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday has so far received over one million views and been shared over 25,000 times.

His YouTube channel contains a number of similar harmonies.

<h1>His most popular video to date is a cover of Shai's "If I Ever Fall In Love":</h1>

      <a href=""></a>

<h1>Other popular videos include this version of Extreme's "More Than Words":</h1>

      <a href=""></a>

<h1>And a medley of 90s RnB:</h1>

      <a href=""></a>

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