BuzzFeed 7 Things Jeff Gordon Could Do After Retiring From NASCAR

He’s a four-time champion on the track, but over 23 years he’s made plenty of news off the track, too.

<h1>Scare the crap out of car salesmen.</h1>

      <a href=""></a>

"What are you driving now?" the unsuspecting dealer asks a disguised Gordon in this Pepsi-sponsored prank. "Oh, just a mini-van."

<h1>Learn mixed martial arts.</h1>

      <a href=""></a>

They should really keep their helmets on during post-race fights.

<h1>Bring back the 'stache.</h1>

Bring back the 'stache.

The mustache, shown here in 1993 with Dale Earnhardt, returned in grayer form for 10 days in 2012. It still wasn't the best look. Said teammate <a href="">Dale Earnhardt Jr</a>: "If you look back at them pictures, I'm not sure why he decided to grow it back. Maybe he lost a bet or something."

Peter Cosgrove / AP

“Racing has provided a tremendous amount of opportunity that's been extraordinarily rewarding and fulfilling in my life. The work we're doing with the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation will continue to be extremely important to me. Outside the race car, my passion is pediatric cancer research, and my efforts will remain focused there when I'm no longer driving.”


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