BuzzFeed 14 Things Every Traveler Misses After An Epic Trip Abroad

Take me back.

<h1>Feeling like every day is Saturday.</h1>

Feeling like every day is Saturday.

What's the difference between a Wednesday and a Saturday on the road? Nothing! Every day you can sleep late, relax, sightsee, drink, hang out &mdash; or all of the above.

<h1>Authentic (and insanely good!) international food.</h1>

Authentic (and insanely good!) international food.

Garden Asian Palace will never top the food you had in Malaysia, Luigi's Pizza will never be like Naples, and you've come to realize your local Mexican restaurant tastes like poo.

Flickr: pondspider

<h1>The messy art of hostel life.</h1>

The messy art of hostel life.

Sure, it was crazy and you never had any privacy. But you got some killer stories out of it and bonded with amazing people.

<h1>Learning “cheers!” in multiple languages.</h1>

Learning “cheers!” in multiple languages.

Prost, salud, skal, sl&aacute;inte, chok dee. When you're abroad, you're always toasting and having a glorious time.

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