BuzzFeed 12 Super Choice Facebook Profile Pictures For Your Dad

He’ll probably love these, even if he already has used some of them.

<h1>This sweet 'cycle.</h1>

This sweet 'cycle.

<b>Level of Dad-i-tude</b>: A pair of white New Balance sneakers.


<h1>This kickin' 'cano.</h1>

This kickin' 'cano.

<b>Level of Dad-i-tude</b>: Pretending to use an Australian accent at Outback and embarrassing everyone.


<h1>These breezy trees.</h1>

These breezy trees.

<b>Level of Dad-i-tude</b>: Secretly snacking before dinner.


<h1>This funky futuristic city.</h1>

This funky futuristic city.

<b>Level of Dad-i-tude</b>: Only mowing half the lawn.


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