BuzzFeed This Is Where Selfie Sticks Are Banned In The UK

As the divisive wands of the future continue to grow in popularity, a number of venues have taken a stand.

<h1>Selfie sticks, <a href="">love or hate them</a>, appear to be here to stay.</h1>

Selfie sticks, love or hate them, appear to be here to stay.

However, a number of major venues have banned the devices for safety reasons and to prevent them ruining people's experiences.

BuzzFeed News spoke to some of the major stadiums and arenas in the UK to find out their policies on selfie sticks.

PA Wire/Press Association Images Adam Davy

<h1>The Roundhouse, London</h1>

The Roundhouse, London

A spokesperson said: &ldquo;Although selfie sticks are not something we&rsquo;ve had to address yet, we wouldn&rsquo;t allow them into live shows at the Roundhouse due to safety regulations. 

“They also have the potential to obstruct the view for others in the audience which could impact on people’s enjoyment of a live show.”

Verdict: Banned.

PA / Ian West

<h1>Stamford Bridge, London</h1>

Stamford Bridge, London

We called Chelsea FC's ticket office and they told us selfie sticks were banned from the stadium as they were classified as a weapon.

Verdict: Banned.

Getty / Ben Stansall

<h1>Anfield, Liverpool</h1>

Anfield, Liverpool

As with Chelsea, Liverpool FC's ticket office confirmed the club had banned the devices because they could be used as a weapon.

Verdict: Banned.

Oli Scarff / Getty

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