BuzzFeed Remarkable Pictures Of Old Subway Cars Being Thrown Into The Ocean

Photographer Steven Mallon talked to BuzzFeed News about the six trips he took to the Atlantic Ocean to witness and photograph the spectacle.

When photographer Steven Mallon discovered this was happening around 2007, he decided to see it for himself. Mallon told BuzzFeed News he attended six different “drops,” in which he traveled by tugboat from the coast of Ocean City, Maryland, out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Brooklyn-based photographer shot these scenes from 2008 to 2010 as part of a larger project on the recycling industry.

Stephen Mallon for BuzzFeed

“They wanted to create habitats for fish, which is good for sports fishing because algae moves in and then little fish come in, and then bigger fish go to eat those fish,” he explained. “The artificial reefs are also good for scuba diving and snorkeling.”

The process of discarding the old trains is paid for by tourism boards from various coastal states, from Virginia to North Carolina. The main reef he witnessed being built was off the coast of Maryland.

Stephen Mallon for BuzzFeed

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