BuzzFeed 11 Indian Drinks You Haven’t Heard Of And Need To Try Immediately

Because filter kaapi and masala chai are way too mainstream.

<h1><i>Noon chai</i></h1>

Noon chai

<i>Noon chai</i> or <i>shir chai</i> is a salty, milky take on tea, found only in Kashmiri homes, and typically had at the end of a rich meal. It's pale pink in colour, topped with some malai, and you will be in for a surprise when you take your first sip. (Spoiler alert: Unlike every other tea you've ever drank, it's salty... And still, bafflingly, delicious.) / Via

<h1><i>Kadhai doodh</i></h1>

Kadhai doodh

A steaming hot post-dinner drink to beat the chilly, foggy winter nights of the North, milk is boiled for hours in an open <i>kadhai</i> till a thick layer of <i>malai</i> forms on top. Served boiling hot straight from the <i>kadhai</i> with a generous dollop of <i>malai</i> and some dry fruits in every <i>kulhad</i>. Very much an acquired taste, this drink is available only at your local <i>halwai</i> shop.

Amit Chaudhary / Via Twitter: @axchaudhary

<h1><i>Nannari sarbath</i></h1>

Nannari sarbath

A South Indian street push-cart specialty, especially refreshing in the summers given its cooling properties and other health benefits, this is a sherbet made using the root of an Indian herb called Nannari or "Indian Sarsapilla". This is supposed to be one of the flavouring ingredients used in root-beers popular around the world.

Sailu’s Food / Via



Manufactured and marketed in Tamil Nadu, this is an indigenous Indian cola which came into existence in &ndash; wait for it &ndash; 1916! It has a different taste as compared to more mainstream colas due to lesser carbonation and a tangy grape juice flavor base. It has stood its own even against competition presented by the MNCs.


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