BuzzFeed 11 Fashion Mistakes All Women Should Avoid

Do you wanna be stylish or not?

<h1>Trying to wear pants as a shirt.</h1>

Trying to wear pants as a shirt.

It's true &mdash; pants have two fabric tubes that your arms can fit inside. But they're meant for your legs. And you simply look more polished and put together when pants are on your legs and not your arms.

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<h1>Wearing a shoe as a hat.</h1>

Wearing a shoe as a hat.

Shoes are a fun accessory but it's important to remember that they're meant to be worn on your feet. Maybe you can balance a shoe on your head. And if you can, good for you. But you're just making things harder for yourself when there are actually hats designed specifically to fit and stay on your head. You don't need to use a shoe.

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<h1>Stuffing your bra full of hamsters.</h1>

Stuffing your bra full of hamsters.

This may seem like a great idea, but all those hamsters are doing is just creating an uneven, lumpy look at your bust line, especially when they really start to get restless.

iStockphoto michaeljung / Getty Images

<h1>Covering your sweaters in mayonnaise.</h1>

Covering your sweaters in mayonnaise.

You may think you're being chic and edgy when you spread mayo on your cardigan, but in reality, you just look like someone covered in mayo. And everyone is worried about you.

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