Mitt Romney And Jonathan Gruber, A Love Story That Will Haunt Him In 2016

Videos, op-eds, and press releases show a close connection between Romney and Gruber.

Gary Cameron / Reuters

As Mitt Romney mulls a third run for president, one person is sure to make his way into attack ads against the former Massachusetts governor: disgraced Obamacare adviser Jonathan Gruber.

Gruber, a professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, played an important role in crafting the Massachusetts health care law signed by Romney. He would go on to help develop the Affordable Care Act.

Gruber was widely criticized last year after videos of him were uncovered saying that Obamacare's passage depended on “the stupidity of the American voter.”

Videos, op-eds, and press releases show a close connection between Romney and Gruber.

To determine if the $1 billion would be enough, Jonathan Gruber of MIT built an econometric model of the population, and with input from insurers, my in-house team crunched the numbers. Again, the result surprised us: We needed far less than the $1 billion for the subsidies. One reason is that this population is healthier than we had imagined. Instead of single parents, most were young single males, educated and in good health. And again, because health insurance will now be affordable and subsidized, we insist that everyone purchase health insurance from one of our private insurance companies.

The three members to be appointed by the Governor to serve on the Connector's board are actuary Bruce Butler, health economist Jonathan Gruber and Rick Lord, CEO of Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), who will represent the interests of small business.

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