BuzzFeed The Definitive Ranking Of The Wigs From “The Americans”

If the whole “spying for the Soviet Union” thing doesn’t work out, at least the Jenningses could open up their own wig emporium.

How do they accomplish their missions without getting caught? TONS OF MOTHERFUCKING WIGS. All kinds of wigs. And although though the show is not solely focused on spying, but is also a nuanced family drama, we all know that the wigs are the series's heart and soul. And so, of course, one simple task remains — to rank the myriad wigs worn by these crafty Soviet agents. Generally speaking, this ranking does not include disguises that simply involved putting a hat over the characters' regular hair or just styling their regular hair differently, although there are some exceptions. Also, a lot of wigs reappear numerous times throughout the series. The goal was to include only the first instance of each wig. There are a few cases where wigs might be repeated in this list, but whatever, it can be tough to tell wigs apart sometimes. Basically, WIGS WIGS WIGS WIGS WIGS.

Season 2, Episode 8

Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth. There is SO MUCH going wrong here. The too-short hair is strangely choppy, as if someone had taken a pair of scissors to it and Elizabeth just saw it the next day and was like, “Eh, too late to change it now.” And even though this about the wigs and not the outfits, let's just say that the hoodie isn't doing anything to help make the hair look better.


Season 2, Episode 7

There's a definite serial-killer vibe going on here. Which is great when you're trying to intimidate someone, but from a pure ~fashion~ perspective, is creepy as fuck.


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