BuzzFeed Marco Rubio Advises Joni Ernst To Come Hydrated To Her State Of The Union Response

Quench your thirst.

Dorsey Shaw/BuzzFeed

Marco Rubio has some advice for Joni Ernst as she delivers the Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union address tonight: come hydrated.

“I think you should drink water before and not during the response that's my first piece of advice, as opposed to me,” Rubio said on the Michael Medved Show.

Rubio was criticizing himself for famously stopping mid-speech in 2013 to take a drink from a Poland Spring water bottle.

“The second piece of advice would be to be herself,” Rubio said. “Speak from the heart about her shared experience as a grandmother, as a mother, as a war veteran. As someone who understands what middle class America is like especially in middle America. And speak to the prospective of how Republican policies of limited government and free enterprise are better for the people who are trying to make it than the policies of stale, antiquated, and old-fashioned ideas coming from the left.”

Here's the audio of Rubio's comments:

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